Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Video

This Friday when I came to work I saw a pigeon sitting next to the door and hiding from the rain. The day passed but the bird was still there in the evening when I was leaving. I was very worried for it as I understood the pigeon couldn't fly and I asked the night-watchman to take it inside for the night and feed it. We brought the poor thing inside so that it wouldn't get cold and I left but I keep on thinking of the pigeon that is definitely sick. I hope it's gonna be okay.

As for the video, I even cried when I saw it. It's so warm and touching and the way the penguin tries to move his wings is so great! Every bird should get to fly, that is so true and I really hope tomorrow I'll get some good news that the pigeon I've told you about has flown away... Have a wonderful Sunday!:)

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